Now that as was expected, Pakistani and Indian hockey teams are out of London Olympics, a blame game targeting the poor players and athletes has started. Why are people blaming the hockey team? Why do they not blame the heads of various sports organisations? Are they above accountability? One may not know the state of affairs in India, but in Pakistan its common knowledge. Their interest, their knowledge of the games and commitment was very well represented by the Chief of the Mission, Mr Aqil, when asked by one reporter about the facilities and quality of arrangements at the Olympic Village, his only comments were, “Dining hall is very good, its open 24 hours, every type of food is available and one can take food at any time”, unquote. We have a sports complex, but our Olympic Association failed to produce any athlete worth mentioning. We have a Rifle Club at Islamabad, which boasts to be of Royal Standards, but we failed to produce even a bronze medal winning shooter. Small countries like, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Madagascar, have produced gold medal winning athletes, but we a nation of 180 million have produced only office bearers and their families to go on free joy rides. We should now accept that corruption has destroyed every institution in this country.
Islamabad, August 11.