PESHAWAR – All the main roads of Peshawar , including cantonment area and University Town, were jumbled with heavy traffic before Iftar, troubling the people, as traffic sergeants remained disappeared.
Traffic police disappeared from the sight and the light signals did not answer the massive traffic . So it causes a huge traffic jam on the road in the rush areas of the city at the critical times of Ramazan.
Mir Afzal, driver of a car stuck in the traffic , said that, “I am in very hurry, because still I didn’t buy food items for Iftar,” worriedly adding that “I know, I would be lined up in a huge queue to buy breads, ice and other items, but it is a necessary thing to happen when we cannot get rid of this rush.” He complained that the traffic police were appeared to fine the drivers, though they used to fine people even for a minor mistake. “When we need them to relief they gone absent.”
The commuters in a public transport van were moaning that the traffic police making Eidee (money given to the children by their elders on the occasion of Eid) these days. One of them told The Nation that regularly before Iftar when we go back to home; we suffer same, and didn’t see even single police personnel to assistance.
A motorcyclist Hidayat Gul said “I was surprised when I find the entire vehicle stop and all the red signals on, in the cantonment area.” He said, “we all the driving seats, startlingly look at each other that whom to go, and whom to stop.”
On a little distance a traffic police van and about 7-8 traffic wardens were chatting each other and one of them hold a motorcyclist to check his documents, he added.
When a traffic warden asked about the issue first he redden with anger and ignored by saying that he is busy and tired, and couldn’t talk in Ramzan. He is alone on duty because his other companions have gone for the prayer he added.
A number of people said they suffered very much of the traffic t jam when they came to bazaar for Eid shopping after Iftar. They complained of the wrong parking of vehicles on roads and other rush places in different bazaars of Peshawar . A person holding his family, going for Eid shopping, asking where is the traffic police force when he was stuck in the traffic .

The masses appealed the traffic wardens not only your presence but duty is necessary for the connivance of the citizen in these days of Ramazan and approaching Eid.