ISLAMABAD  - Chief commissioner Islamabad in two separate letters addressed to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek has said that both PTI and PAT have not sought permission for their protest rallies on August 14, which is necessary to take security measures in the wake of volatile security situation of the country.
The letters indicate that section 144 CRPC imposed in the Islamabad capital territory (ICT) by the district administration could be relaxed on the request of both the parties.
One letter has been addressed to PTI Chairman Imran Khan and the other is addressed to PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri . The two letters, written on August 11, ask both the leaders to immediately direct their parties to contact commissioner office so that necessary security arrangement could be made for the rallies and for the participants and the residents of Islamabad. One letter has been dispatched to Imran Khan at PTI Central Secretariat in Islamabad and other has been sent to Dr Qadri at his Lahore address.
Mujahid Sherdil, Chief Commission Islamabad, in the letters said, "This is with reference to the open source information regarding rallies of PTI and PAT at ICT scheduled for 14th August, 2014." It is intimated that due to precarious security environment, under section 144 CRPC imposed in Islamabad Capital Territory, all public gatherings and rallies are banned.
The letters say, "Therefore any public event requires prior coordination and permission for necessary security arrangements and relaxation of section 144 CrPC from the district magistrate of ICT. So far the ICT administration has neither received any request from PTI or PAT to hold public events in ICT nor has such a permission being given under the law."
The chief commissioner said that input of PTI and PAT was essential for the ICT administration to ensure effective arrangements for the safety of residents of the ICT and the participants of the rallies . Furthermore considering the expected inflow of participants of the rallies into the ICT, it is imperative for the ICT administration to ensure timely arrangements for traffic and security of public and private property, peace and tranquilly of the masses at large as well as participants of any event, Sherdil said in the correspondence.
"Without prejudice to the ICT's decision regarding relaxation of Section 144 CrPC presently invoked in ICT by the district magistrate, you are requested to direct your parties to interact with the ICT administration so that the very serious and fragile security situation (particularly with reference to ongoing Zarb-e-Azb operation) should be thoroughly thrashed out," both letters say.
It is needless to say that ensuring and safeguarding public life and property is obligatory not only on the administration but also on all responsible political parties and law-abiding citizens of Pakistan, the letters concluded.