It would have been far better if we could have celebrated Independence Day with some show of ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline,’ instead of choosing it as a day for agitation. For a government which has been in power for more than a year, PML-N has failed to convince even those who voted for them that other than rhetoric, it has no intention to put in place a team of competent qualified specialists at the helm of important organizations as well as ministries. People did not elect them to help the big fish keep on evading taxes or their cronies to end up getting contracts for mega projects, while government hospitals and schools are neglected.

It does not cost money to appoint the right man for the job, but it does lead to a waste of already scarce financial resources and public outcry if cronies are selected to head important organizations. Agreed, the Nandipur Power project suffered delays and obstruction by the previous government, but its shutdown after inauguration points to sheer criminal incompetence of those responsible and yet no heads rolled. How can a change occur, if those responsible for waste of public funded projects go unpunished? If the PML-N had been seen to be delivering good governance, than neither Imran, nor Qadri would have posed a threat.

What Mian Nawaz Sharif must realize is that the masses have become desperate now through years of abuse, injustices and betrayal by electoral promises. Given the gravity of crisis, it is important for PML-N to put into place a team of people qualified in their own relevant field, who possess the moral capability to take tough decisions.


Lahore, August 8.