I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the bad condition of hospitals in Pakistan. Our hospitals are mainly divided into two categories; government and private hospitals. Private hospitals are so expensive that a common man cannot afford their treatment. The treatment there, is however remarkable. The way the patients are taken care of is incredible, but these facilities are not affordable by the lower class of our population as they are really expensive. Government hospitals mostly treat patients for free or charge a much lower fee as compared to their private counterparts, but the condition of these hospitals is very poor if we consider world health standards. Doctors don’t give proper attention and treatment to the patients, because in Government Hospitals the income of the doctors is very low, so they prefer working for the Private Sector. The Government should take steps to solve this issue or at least improve the conditions of its medical facilities so our people can live healthy lives.

Mian Adnan Habib,

Lahore, August 11.