LAHORE - The Punjab Healthcare Commission has ordered closure of Hafeez Trust Hospital , Faisalabad and has imposed a fine of Rs 0.5 million on the owner of the hospital for malpractices. The commission has taken this decision after investigating a complaint referred by the apex court.  During the investigation, it was revealed that Mrs Shakira was admitted and operated by unqualified persons that resulted in the death of her newborn baby. Patient’s situation became critical and she had to be shifted to the government hospital for treatment.
Yasin Ashiq who was introduced as a doctor at the Hafeez Trust Hospital was not registered with the PMDC.
He initially claimed to be the administrator of Hafeez Trust Hospital which he denied later and failed to provide PMDC registration to the Commission.
The Commission directed the District Administration Faisalabad to initiate proceedings under PMDC Ordinance 1962 (Amendment Act 2012) against Yasin Ashiq.