While the captain is castigating the government, let me say that KPK is in a deplorable state, case in point, Charsada. The poor voted for Imran Khan wanting a ‘New Pakistan’ but unfortunately they were just slogans. In Charsada we have no infrastructure, poor drainage and maladministration. It has been almost two years since the road between Tangi (district) and Charsada is under construction, leaving people in a lurch with no completion in sight.

PTI has delivered nothing, but they are demanding the Centre to clean the mess in the blink of an eye. One wonders why they are holding the reign of power in KPK if general elections were a fraud. PTI should shun confrontation and win the next pool by sheer dint of their development programs and professional work done. If it does not deliver today how can it win elections tomorrow?


Charsada, August 9.