Corruption in Pakistan is wide-spread, particularly in the public sector. It is sad to see that the lower level officers of the police, a Department whose sole purpose is to serve the community, forces our society to cross new boundaries and levels of bribery and injustice every day. Thus our nation is facing a very severe problem of corruption. The major reasons of corruption in Pakistan are poverty, unemployment, the absence of accountability, unequal distribution of wealth and last but not the least, political instability. It weakens our democratic institutions and is a hindrance in good governance. Proper measures by the administration and law enforcement agencies should be taken in order to first slow this parasite down in its growth and then eradicating it totally from its root. Practical measures should be taken such as a viable system of checks and balances. Maintaining law and order should be priority number one, employment opportunities should be created, and the education system should be made stronger. All these steps can lead our country towards development, stability and progress of the masses. If there is stable Governance in Pakistan, nothing can stop us from standing tall and being proud of who we are. No matter how slow this process may be, the results will be permanent and will change the lives of the people of Pakistan that have been waiting and hoping for some measure of improvement in the system for over six decades.

Rana Irshad Ahmad,

Lahore, August 11.