William Dalrymple has rightly pointed out that Gaza is not only the world’s biggest concentration camp, but has also become the world’s biggest graveyard. One wonders how a Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama failed to take notice of the ongoing slaughter in Gaza. After days of seclusion, he appeared on TV the other night; one would presume to make an important announcement to stop the Israeli aggression. To the utter amazement of many, he only pondered upon the alleged kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. One may ask Obama how he equates killing 1500 innocent people as self-defense while he asks for one soldier who was lost.

Many remember the story from our childhood, wherein a wolf blames a lamb for every bad thing. Using pretexts and excuses, the wolf enjoys the lamb as dinner at the end of the tale. We can apply the same logic to Gaza; first Israel attacked Gaza to avenge the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank, then it was to stop the rockets being fired from Gaza, after which they wanted to destroy the tunnels, and now it is the alleged kidnapped soldier. But Gaza’s citizens are not in the mood to surrender, as that would mean a continuation of the economic blockade by closing ground, air and sea borders. One would expect that an American president in his 2nd term would be able to take some bold decisions, not to be entirely dictated by AIPAC.


Saudi Arab, August 2.