Former Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar expressed his grave concern that despite being the biggest child abuse scandal in the history, no prominent government personality showed up in the village to console the victims.

He regretted that leaders of different political parties are pouring in to sympathise with the victim families but rulers have appeared apathetic.

The PTI organiser was talking to media during his visit to Hussain Khan Wala where he had gone to express solidarity with the affected families of the abuse scandal.

PTI leaders including Omer Cheema and Fouzia Kasuri accompanied him.

He said that the incident is a slap in the face of the whole nation and a matter of “shame for us as there is no law in the country to rescue them from such evil doing and provide justice.

” That’s why criminals are fulfilling their lust without any fear and hindrance and police is also reluctant to take any action against such influential criminals, he went on to say.

The ex-governor said that now police is active against the media for bringing “black deeds” of the influential figures to light.

He promised that they would not allow such circumstances to prevail anymore. He asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that what would have been the scenario “had the same thing happened with children of anyone in the government.” Sarwar said that people have no hope from police therefore these cases must be sent to military courts.

Former foreign minister Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali also criticised the government, saying the rulers are ruling the people with force.

“Doctors, nurses and government servants are threatened and beaten whenever they dare demand their rights,’ he pointed out, adding that the same attics are being applied to the victims of Kasur abuse scandal.

He urged the masses to stand up against the rulers and forced them to provide justice to the have-nots.