I want to divert your attention to a serious mismanagement issue. I travelled from Dubai to Pakistan along with my family on flight number: PA 211, on the 2nd of August. My entire luggage is missing and it is not only me; all the passengers were clamouring at the airport for their luggage but no one seemed to be listening to them. According to Air Blue authorities, our luggage is still in Dubai. They are not willing to pick up any calls now, or even to tell us that when we are getting our luggage back. My family are wandering in search for cloths and other essential things as we have got nothing. The worst thing is, we even don’t know when we are getting our luggage as Air Blue says they themselves don’t know about it at all. Nobody was informed about this situation and hundreds of people were waiting in queue for hours for their luggage. Air-Blue still doesn’t know the status of the luggage or the expected date to arrival, even after 14 hours have passed. The negligence of the authorities and their subsequent immature behaviour of turning of their phones must be highlighted.


Lahore August 2.