Under the Chitral Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP), the government has installed a chair left at Mozxgoal village on River Torkho for transportation purposes linking the area with other parts of the district.

The thousands of people were stranded and facing problems especially getting of food as the main bridge of Mozgoal at Torkho River was damaged by flood, cutting off their road link with the other parts of the district. There was only one source of Army helicopter to provide them with relief goods. MPA Sardar Hussain was chief guest on the occasion while the inauguration ceremony was also attended by Assistant Commissioner Mastuj Minhasuddin, Muhammad Zahid program Manager SRSP and elites of the area.

Addressing the ceremony, SRSP District Program Manager Tariq said that the cable car (chair left) which is runn with the help of diesel generator was completed on the directive of SRSP Chief Executive Officer Shahzada Masoodul Mulk.

He said that at present it will work to facilitate flood affected of this area and people can travel across the river free of cost. All of its expenditure like diesel for engine, operator salary will be borne by SRSP for two months and after that it will be handed over to local community who will run it with their local criteria according to Chitral culture with minimum charges.

The MPA thanked SRSP staff for their contribution to the relief within the province.

The AC said that residents of this area were badly suffering due to lack of communication and there was no alternate route or link to connect them with entire Chitral. After installing of this cable car, they will feel some relaxation. A large number of people participated in inauguration ceremony.