A man shot dead his sister on suspicion of having relations with someone in Head Balloki area on Truesday.

According to police, Nazar Hussain suspected that his sister Sakina Bibi had developed illicit relation with local and they often talked to each other on phone.

He tried to stop her many times but to no avail. Both exchanged hot words the other day.

In a fit of anger, he opened fire on her, leaving her dead on the spot. The suspect tried to flee after committing the crime, but the Sarai Mughal Police arrested him.

A murder case was registered against the suspect.

In Najabaat village of Khuddia, a man shot dead his sister-in-law after she refused to marry the man of his choice. The Police have registered a murder case.

Meanwhile, a dead body was recovered from Sufianwal Kot in the precincts of Phoolnager Police. However, due uncertainty about demarcation between limits of the two police stations, the body kept lying there for three days. People have expressed their displeasure over the rude attitude of the police.