A callous man raped an eight-year-old girl and later strangulated here to death. The police arrested a rapist-cum-killer and recovered the body of the victim from a cotton field in Binda Ishaque, Shehr Sultan area.

Muzaffargarh DPO Malik Awais Ahmed said that eight-year-old Maria came out of her home to buy sweets from a nearby shop. But Muhammad Imran lured her away to a cotton field where he subjected her to sexual assault. Later, the accused strangulated her to death and dumped her body in the field. The DPO said that when the girl did not return home after long time, her parents got worried and started searching her. They, however, remained clue less and approached the police. The district police office claimed that the police sprung into action and during search the minor girl’s dead body from a cotton field. The police also recovered her clothes. A case has been registered the culprit who has confessed to his crime.