Islamabad - A missing lawyer, who was allegedly abducted and illegally detained by law enforcement agencies, has returned to his home on Friday last.

Talking to The Nation here on Tuesday, Advocate Mirza Shazad Akbar said that Hammad Dadan Advocate, who had gone missing on June 20, reached his home safely.

Mirza stated that although he had not met Hammad till then yet he got confirmation of Hammad’s return on telephone from his home. Responding to a query, he made it clear that at the moment he is not in a position to narrate the ordeals faced by the missing lawyer. “I do not want to say anything without knowing real facts and I will be able to tell the actual and exact truth after meeting my client soon,” said the counsel.

During the hearing of his abduction case, the defence secretary was summoned twice by the high court and on both the occasions, he informed the court that the missing lawyer was not in the custody of any intelligence agency. However, he added that law enforcing agencies were making efforts to locate him.

In this particular matter, Mumtaz Abbasi, father of detenu Dadan, had cited station house officer police station I-9, inspector general of Islamabad police, ministry of defence through its secretary, Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, through its director general and ministry of interior through its secretary as respondents.