KABUL: As tensions escalated between Kabul and Islamabad after the recent violence wave in Afghanistan, Pakistan has postponed its scholarship programme for students of Afghanistan, officials said today.

“Pakistan has temporarily delayed scholarships for Afghan students due to security reasons,” spokesperson for the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul said today.

“Up to 6,000 students had applied for the Pakistani scholarships this year and all were scheduled to appear for the test,” Akhtar Munir said in a statement.

“Since thousands had applied and it was difficult to arrange the English test in the current security situation, we have delayed it for some time,” the spokesperson added. “We will inform the applicants and will also post on the embassy’s website once the process resumes,” he said.

The relationship between two countries turned sour after strong anti-Pakistan statements came from top Afghan leadership in the wake of recent violence wave in Kabul and rest of the country.