As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This turned out to be true when I happened to have a look at the picture of the Punjab Chief Minister giving away souvenir to Ayesha Mumtaz of Punjab Food Authority (PFA) for her meritorious services. Of late Ayesha Mumtaz, Director Operations of Punjab Food Authority, has become a household name thanks to her work of exposing the highly influential food mafia. The lady officer has won accolades due to her courage, initiative and application of law without fear or favour. By her conduct she has shown a mirror to thousands of the civil servants who are expected to do their job in accordance with law. The lady officer could not have carried out her work so boldly without unstinted support and patronage of the Punjab Chief Minister. This indeed is reassuring. This example establishes one thing, that if the government have to win popular approval, they have to identify themselves with the issues faced by the common people in the street. The example of Ayesha Mumtaz has indeed shown the way forward.


Lahore, August 3.