The Punjab Ombudsman has ordered the Tehsil Municipal Administration of Dera Ghazi Khan to restore the supply of water to Block U and other residential localities and provide uninterrupted supply to the residents.

“The residents of Block U and other parts of the city are suffering badly in these sultry days of summer,” Punjab Ombudsman Javed Mahmood remarked in the decision he made in the complaint filed by one Khalid Ahmed Sayyal of DG Khan city.

As per a copy of the decision, Khalil Ahmed Sayyal, son of Elahi Bakhsh Sayyal, had submitted an application against the TMA with the office of Punjab Ombudsman for DG Khan Division.

The complainant had alleged in his application that there was no supply of water to Block U. “This neglect for duty on the part of TMA DG Khan affects the whole city. There is shut down of electricity due to loadshedding because of which the supply of water by TMA is affected,” he said. It was requested that TMA DG Khan may be directed to adjust schedule of operation of its tube wells according to the schedule of loadshedding as it will ease down the situation. The complainant criticised that in case of non-payment of water charges, the TMA immediately disconnects the supply of water but there is no response by TMA to the public of Block U locality and elsewhere in the city when the supply of water is withheld for many days in a week.

In the case, the court issued five notices along with sufficient time and opportunities to submit a report but the administrator, tehsil municipal officer and law-officer of the agency did took any step. Only one clerk of CO Unit of TMA Akber appeared in the court on behalf of the agency but he has not letter of authority to appear and also did not filed a report.