We have always been taught that in business there is nothing more important than a client. No matter what, follow his instructions because client/customer is always right. But things are other way around in Pakistan.

Tabassum Mughal, one of the Pakistan’s leading fashion designers, responded violently to the mother of bride-to-be when asked for the 8.5 lac/- wedding dress to be delivered. Her daughter was just two weeks away from her wedding and wanted her dress to be ready which was sent back to the designer for the amendments because first delivery was not according to the instructions of the client.

According to Sana Khan, relative of the victim, mother of the bride started shouting on the refusal to return her daughters dress. In response, four men came out, kicked and punched the woman, leaving her with severe bruises. Later on Tabassum Mughal showed up, slapped the woman, dragged her out of her house and shouted “people who travel in rickshaws don’t deserve to shop at Tabassum Mughal”.

Well, there can be a lot of reasons behind using a rickshaw for travelling, for example there was no car available at home as it was a wedding house. Beating up your client because she travelled in a rickshaw or any other cheap automobile is illogical and shows a despicable elitist mentality. On the other hand, if your work is not being appreciated by your client then it means you are on the wrong track.

When social media went viral with the posts against the designer, she decided to use her social page to response to the allegations, which was later deleted by her. In which she asked people to concentrate on their own business instead of paying attention to the wrong news. In that particular post she claimed, “If things do get out of hand we always have proof to show to the world”. Well I think things are out of the hand now.


Karachi, August 2.