ISLAMABAD - In a successful search and rescue operation in Khobar Creek near Keti Bandar Pakistan Navy rescued as many as seven fishermen. Pak Marines special teams, high speed boats and Aviation unit participated in the rescue operation.

According to details, local fishermen informed Pakistan Navy Base at Keti Bandar about sinking of AL KABIR Howra Boat alongwith 12-member crew in the vicinity of Khobar Creek.

A search and rescue operation was immediately launched and two Pak Marines teams onboard speed boats were dispatched to the scene of incident.

The site was approximately 19.4 nautical miles away from Keti Bandar. After strenuous efforts, seven fishermen were rescued from the Khobar Creek.

Whereas the search and rescue operation was still in progress to locate the remaining missing fishermen.

Pakistan Navy has also established a Joint Maritime Information and Coordination Centre (JMICC) since 2013, with an aim to harmonize the efforts of all maritime stake-holders through timely gathering & sharing of information to effectively safeguard maritime interests of Pakistan and in particular, timely handling maritime based contingencies through effective information sharing vis a vis coordination.