Wah cantt - Police yesterday busted a sex racket and recovered as many as ten girls from their den established at a rented house in Model Town area.

Station House officer, Inspector Yasir Kiyani told news persons that four persons running the racket were also arrested from the den.

He said that police have also recovered narcotics and liquor during its campaign against anti-social elements. He said that  police raided the house located in Mohallah Mochian and recovered 105 bottles liquor and arrested a man identified as Wajid Masih for running the liquor den. Similarly police raided a narcotics den and recovered one kilogram hashish from Niaz Khan while in another incident raided narcotics den in Ahmednagar area and recovered 2 kilograms hashish from Zeeshan Ali. He said that separate cases have been registered against the accused and investigations are under way.