Pakistan has lost the great servant of humanity a symbol of Simplicity, honesty and hard work, angel of mercy, saint and sage. He was one of the rare gems Pakistan had ever produced who started from scratch, created huge empire of charity welfare out of nothing which includes ambulances, orphanages and support for the elderly and disabled for part of six decades almost single-handedly. His death has triggered an outpouring of grief in our impoverished nation for a man who transcended social, ethnic and religious divisions.

Khuswant Singh once said in his interview that if I have a chance to touch feet of a few people in the world, Abdul Sattar Edhi would be one of them that was the stature of this legendary man.

Moreover, it was an honour for us when he was titled by The Huffington Post that he is world’s greatest living humanitarian.

Such was a greatness of a man that he donated both of his eyes after he died. Edhi’s eyes will become source of vision of two blind persons. He undoubtedly deserved a state funeral which was flocked by thousands to the National Stadium in Karachi for his funeral, with an army guard of honour. Edhi is undying phenomenon there are his countless supporters I hope they further his cause with same fervour and tireless devotion.


Hyderabad, July 10.