Since the university of Karachi resumed after the summer vacations the students have been facing problems entering as well as commuting in the campus, because of the ban on rickshaws in the university and the entrance of cars through gate number 2 and 3. No notice was issued beforehand and the people now joining the university have to make passes of their cars/vans at double cost, after some quarrels and threats by the campus police. Not only this, the rickshaws moving in the campus are also not allowed and the students have to travel by foot, an average distance of 2 km daily to reach their respective departments.

Before banning rickshaws in the campus as vast as 1,279 acres and students as many as 12,000, the university must present an alternative way first and then implement the ban. And if all this is a security measure to the current threats given to the university then the other security measures should be strengthened and vigilance increased but not at the cost of student.


Karachi, July 28.