It’s 21st century but still there are areas where there is no electricity or the methods adopted to provide electricity are strange. It’s a fact there are areas where electricity is provided adopting a strange method and the electricity has become a dream there. One village will have electricity; the other two will have to wait for their turn. Yes, these are villages (Samar Bagh, Kambat and Mayar) adjacent to Afghanistan border in district Dir Lower, KPK where people face numerous challenges because of this utterly humiliated behavior of WAPDA.  

If one village gets electricity at night till 8am in the morning, that village will have to wait for the next two days and will get it on the third night. Similarly, the two days between are left for the next two villages where one village gets electricity and the next two wait for their turn. It’s a bizarre way of humiliating the people of these areas because these areas are badly affected by terrorism and people have serious problems running their businesses.  

Further, the educated class especially the students are badly affected by the blackout. In a situation where you get electricity on the third night of the week, how will you be able to make your children do their homework? The authorities should give heed to this problem and ensure the availability of electricity on permanent basis so that these areas prosper and come in alignment with other parts of the province. 


Dir Lower, July 20.