Picture a scenario where at a local milk shop, the milk delivery guys are pouring milk into the container of a retail shop. They are using a muslin cloth (malmal cloth) to filter the milk as it is being poured. Now, I happen to be there purchasing loose milk as this transfer was being done. What I saw on that malmal cloth as it was filtering the milk made my stomach turn and feel disgusted. The residue on the cloth consisted of dead flies, small twigs, small pieces of ice and other disgusting things I couldn’t make out. I have since then, never stepped foot in a local loose milk retail shop. Is this what these milk suppliers are supplying to the public of the country?! Now as a parent, my number one concern was that what do I substitute loose milk with for my family? Loose milk has already skyrocketed to Rs.94. Another problem is, packaged milk is even more expensive! I fail to understand why we can’t be offered a packaged milk product that is both affordable and provides the assurance of quality and purity of packaged milk.

After much deliberation and searching, I saw an advert on TV of a brand selling packaged milk for Rs.100 a litre and thought to myself perhaps my prayers were heard. I know people have their reservations about packaged milk, but anything has got to better than the disgusting loose milk that is blatantly being sold to the public! At least they are upfront about their processes and do everything in their power to show how clean and pure the milk they are providing is.


Karachi, July 19.