Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday announced that a “comprehensive package” is being drafted to end the decades-long plight of Karachi residents, a day after a monsoon rainfall claimed 12 lives and wreaked havoc in the metropolis.

The premier, in a tweet, also said that he has directed all MNAs/MPAs of Karachi to remain in their constituencies to assist the residents.

“I have directed all MNAs/MPAs of Karachi to be in their constituencies throughout Eid & Independence Day holidays & provide all assistance to the ppl. The Federal Govt is drafting a comprehensive package to end the decades of neglect & suffering of the ppl of this gt metropolis,” he wrote.

Prime Minister Imran’s message comes after as many as 12 people died due to electrocution and various other rain-related incidents in Karachi over the weekend. Numerous sacrificial animals were also reportedly electrocuted to death as they were tied to electrical poles.

The uninterrupted downpour — recorded at almost 200 millimetres (mm) — that started Saturday morning created a critical situation in the mega polis, with various areas hit with hours-long power outages. Major thoroughfares were drowned under several feet of rainwater, with drains and canals in the city overflowing and low-lying residential areas submerged in the water pouring in from the streets outside.