The Supreme Court hinted at banning YouTube in Pakistan on the 22nd of July, Wednesday, 2020. Justice Amin and Justice Mushir were on the bench. 

Justice Amin added that a lot of people are sharing negative comments on YouTube and posting videos regarding the judiciary, army and intelligence. They further asked PTA to delete such content from social media. On the contrary, the official said that they cannot delete anything from social media, instead, they can report it. We’re living in the 21st century, an era of technology and digital media. 

Everything is digital and our neighbouring countries are progressing a lot when it comes to technology, while we continue to deal with such issues of banning. YouTube is a source of income for many social activists. They raise their voices on social media and make videos regarding current issues in the world. They sometimes act as the voice of the victim who might have the resources to express themselves.

Every person has their own personal opinion. By suppressing their voice, we are not giving them a chance to have their say. If YouTube gets banned in Pakistan, this will negatively impact a lot of people. Instead, the country should update itself more in regards to technology. Our honourable Supreme Court should support the public and try to make our country more stable and more strong through respectable decisions.