Bahawalpur         -        Punjab Wildlife Conservation Minister Syed Samsam Ali Shah Bukhari visited Cholistan Desert yesterday. 

During his visit, he was apprised of the efforts being made by the Wildlife Department for betterment of wildlife with full support of the Pakistan Army. Minister for Wildlife and Fisheries Syed Samsam Ali Bukhari called on the Corps Commander Bahawalpur and the local community at the end of the visit. 

He was told by the Army officials that due to overcrowding, land settlement, use of pesticides in crops, poaching, deforestation and complications in legal hunting, wildlife breeding had greatly been reduced and a few animals from Cholistan had become rare animals. The provincial minister said that with the help and cooperation of Pakistan Army, population of chankara had increased 300 times and the population of nile cow had increased 400 times in the last one year. 

Under the Wildlife Conservation and Resettlement Campaign, in collaboration with the Local Army Authority, black deer will be released in the forests of Dudhlan and Beer Badh during this month in connection with breeding of endangered black deer in the Cholistan Desert. Samsam Bukhari will also attend inaugural ceremony this month. This is probably the first example of extinction in Pakistan. Syed Samsam Bukhari expressed his satisfaction over abundance of wildlife in the Cholistan Desert and hoped that thanks to these joint efforts, the traditional and centuries-old wildlife would soon be revived in Cholistan. He also stressed that cooperation of the local community was essential for restoration of wildlife. The provincial minister decided to officially accept Pakistan Army’s proposal to promote poaching and involve local community in conservation of forests and wildlife.