We have seen the deterioration of our country’s economy due to the pandemic we all are suffering in. We are in a time in which we need to bring up every little detail and find a solution for the sake of humanity. Pakistan’s situation is dire. 

The virus has badly affected our economy, social relationships, job market, and health issues. In such a health crisis, the food we eat is something that cannot be overlooked. We need to make sure that what goes into our body is safe, and nutritious. We should eat food that helps boost our immune system, and protects us from the virus. The Punjab Food Authority came up with many thoughtful initiatives during COVID. To fight against it, we have seen them tackle the adulteration mafia who have no fear of God Almighty, and work for their own benefit at the expense of the public. 

The condition is the same in other provinces, unfortunately. It is time we work together, and get rid of the horrid situation we find ourselves in.