Switzerland's Muslims in particular and Muslims of the world in general, received support from an unexpected quarter when an ultra-orthodox Jewish group voiced its opposition to the Swiss ban on building minarets. The head of the Conference of European Rabbis, which convened this week in Moscow, issued a statement criticizing the proposed ban saying that Europe won't defeat Islam and the Muslims by battering the freedom of religion by knocking down minarets in Switzerland. Rabbi Aba Dunner said, "Only through unrelenting support of moderates within the Muslim community and promoting interfaith dialogue can the European governments defeat the fundamentalist's extreme Islam". The Conference of European Rabbis condemned the outcome of the Swiss referendum in a resolution passed during their two-day meeting. The group's international relations director Philip Carmel warned that it is not just Muslims who are going to be targeted by the extreme right. This piece of good news should encourage all those who promote interfaith dialogue, initiated by the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. This should be considered a priority. The West, and particularly the Americans, must end their hatred and wars against Muslims. Unless the US soldiers return to their barracks in America, the peace would not come to the world. The Americans must understand that they are hated in every Muslim country and in order to bring peace to the world, they have to act, not talk. And they should be a partner in the crimes of the Israelis. -NAUSHEEN HARMOZJI, Jeddah, December 11.