Lack of education is considered by many to be the cause of all ills of our society including terrorism. Despite that view, education is still not being given the required attention and importance. Extraordinary steps are required to achieve the desired results in this regard. We have to educate the nation and improve the standard of education in the country on war footings. I am an educationist and doing extraordinary work in this field. I have done a lot of work in educational software designing and some unique work on curriculum designing. My work has won praise from some international specialists in education. Since August 2008, I have been trying to contact the Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to offer my services for the uplift of education but have been unable to do so. I have tried many channels but invain. Recently, I started writing letters to the CM Secretariat and, finally, he responded by ordering thrice on my letters. I was even told to meet the ACS, Mr Javed Aslam. He told me that my work was related to education and he could not do anything for me. In response to my next letter, I was told to have a meeting with Secretary Schools Education and the chairman of PEF. The chairman PEF witnessed my work but did nothing more. More than a year has passed and I have not been able to approach the top decision-maker as yet. -ZAFAR HABIB, Samundri, December 11.