We have all been aware of the fall out of Lal Masjid Operation, Operation Al-Meezan, Operation Rah-e-Raast and Operation Rah-e-Nijaat. We know about the crucial role of the Army in the War on Terror; it has stood firm, despite problems, on the view that terrorists have to be dealt with an iron hand. Army is fighting against the terrorists in full and unreserved cooperation with the global powers. But we have come to a point where it has to be asked that what are we getting in return? Our officers, Jawans and their kin in cantonments are being martyred or getting injured both in operations and hits on Army installations and settlements. We have had target killings of our officers, attack on the GHQ and now even an attack in the heart of the Rawalpindi Cantonment, the Parade Lane Mosque. This is the place where serving and retired senior officers and their children lost lives and limbs. At this dire hour, where is our political leadership? Where is the policy to fight terrorism? Where is the national campaign supporting the Armed Forces? Where is the will of the nation to fight terrorism? The government representatives of the top rank are seemingly just peering out of their fortified palaces at all this carnage. The media is projecting it as just another news item, taking street opinion of the ignorant to intersperse it in routine programmes and then quickly relegating the tragedy to a non-event. How long are we going to close our eyes to tragedies like this? Isn't this time the political leadership came forward to lead from the front? It is time to unite the nation against terrorism. -MUHAMMAD ZAHID, Rawalpindi, December 7.