Aitzaz Ahsan has finally regained his membership of the PPP Central Executive Committee. He was pretty distraught without it. One wonders whether being back with this NROed clan that is (allegedly) the most corrupt in the country, makes him proud? Looks like he is. He is aggressively defending the 'indemnity' of his party co-chairman and President of Pakistan and holding (almost) daily party meetings in the President House, on state expense too. Would Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan support such an indemnity for Nawaz Sharif also? Can he also draw a line of 'indemnity' between Presidents' role as the head of state and the co-chairman PPP? If he can, then he must agree that chairman of every political party is entitled to be indemnified. Those who 'indemnify' the President in his duel role seem to consider Mr Zardari above the constitution. -AITZAZ, Quetta, December 6.