Our politicians and generals have a long history of working as American slaves getting all the dictation from them and enjoy the benefits they give in return. These are the people who sell the country they live in and together with them, they make the ordinary public a slave of America. We have seen when such a thing happens, the country becomes a slave forever. Our present leadership has taken so much loan from the IMF that even our future generations wont be able to repay them. The ordinary people are taxed heavily and their taxes are used to repay loans to our master 'America. Can anyone get rid us of this slavery? Even politicians like Imran khan who spit on dictation by America, cant rid us of this slavery when they come into power because this is a continuous process in which we are trapped. Big claims by politicians to make Pakistan an independent country are all lies. They cant spend a second without western support. The question is how can they free us from slavery. HAIDER ALI, Lahore, December 11.