Former Taliban fighters, who surrendered to Afghan government in the western province of Herat, complain foreign soldiers continue to raid their houses, and the government has failed to keep its promise projects to implement reconstruction projects in their areas. Mullah Abdul Karim, who shunned the insurgency along with 30 fighters eight months back in Shindand district, said National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) officials had assured them foreign troops would no longer search their houses. But he regretted international soldiers had thrice raided his residence over the last 45 days. The NATO-led soldiers broke the gate of my residence to search my house. When they did not find anything objectionable, they left, he said, adding some of his rivals were giving NATO soldiers wrong reports about him. Without naming anyone, he said they suffered a lot during the unwarranted search. If such operations continued, Abdul Karim warned of withdrawing support to the government. The issue had been shared with local authorities but no remedial steps had been taken so far, he continued. Regional head of NRC, Muhammad Sharif Mujaddedi, confirmed the raids on Karims house, saying he could not condemn security operations. An NATO official at the US Bagram military airbase said he was unaware of such operations, and an investigation would be carried out in this regard. Mullah Taza Gul, who also joined the government along with 14 fighters five months back, said no development schemes had been initiated in his area. Afghan officials promised to construct a 20 kilometres road, but nothing had happened, he said, revealing Italy had already provided funds for the project. Since we are tired of conflict, we have joined the government in the hope of having construction schemes in our area. When anti-government elements ask us about what has been done so far, we have no answer. The NRC claimed many development projects had been carried out in western provinces since its establishment in 2006. Officials said more than 1,800 militants had joined the government in Farah, Badghis, Ghor and Herat.