Federal Law Minister Babar Awan has said that loot sale has begun in Punjab, adding that Takht-e-Lahore (Lahore Throne) has now ordered seizure of petrol pumps of Lahore. Addressing the party workers in Lahore, he urged Nawaz Sharif not to do politics in the name of oppressed people. Voicing opposition against a Punjab governments plan to seal Lahores petrol pumps, he said that the move will deprive poor people of their livelihood. All petrol pumps were allowed to operate under LDA law and that Nawaz Sharif should also support the petrol pump owners, he said. The Federal Law Minister said that his party condemns police highhandedness of students and teachers. Why doesnt Nawaz Sharif speak in support of teachers and students? he questioned. There is a need to improve Punjabs governance. He asked the Punjab government to announce the schedule for the local body election.