LAHORE - Mushahid Hussain Syed while tracing the history of WikiLeaks observed that the cables had perplexed many governments, and the US could not plug the internet leaks despite the fact that the US had successfully controlled the international media to its advantage for attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. Addressing a special sitting held at the Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan here on Saturday jointly organised by the NPT and Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust, he said, There are certain people among the US policy-makers who differ on policy regarding Afghanistan and Iraq. They devised a way out to open the secret documents to the world, he mentioned, adding that despite military attacks on the Al-Jazeera offices in 2003, no one in the US raised voice. Secretary General Syed PML-Q Mushahid Hussain Syed was the guest speaker. Vice-Chairman NPT Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed, Senator Naeem Hussain Chattha, Begum Mehnaz Rafi, Col (r) Ikram Ullah Khan, Secretary NPT Shahid Rasheed and Secretary Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust Rafaqat Riaz were also present on the occasion. Mushahid said through the Kerry-Lugar bill, Pakistan would get $7.5 billion economic aid and $3 billion military assistance during the coming five years, which was equal to US war expenses in Afghanistan and Iraq. He pointed out that few countries had blocked the WikiLeaks website, while its founder Julian Assange had been arrested in England. When Muslims raised voice against blasphemous Facebook pages, the whole world considered it against freedom of expression, but when it came to WikiLeaks, not only its founder was arrested, the website was also blocked, he added. He criticised politicians seeking pat from the American for coming into power, and opined that the masses should see how 'certain people behave in private conversations. While quoting Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnahs example as a successful leader who held dialogue with the British and Hindus sans any problems, he advised the Pakistani leadership to follow the Quaid. Chairman Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and Editor-in-Chief TheNation Majid Nizami has observed that the WikiLeaks cables have amply depicted that US, Israel, UK and India are bent upon damaging Pakistan further by making efforts at separating Balochistan and Fata after they had split East Pakistan earlier. Moreover, the WikiLeaks have also shown that what the Pakistani rulers had been doing in the recent past. We must learn lesson now, he advised. Majid Nizami was of the opinion the cables had exposed real faces of all leaders, and their doings during the last years. When an old man, pleading not to be indicted and arrested, ventured on this path, it was mentioned clearly 'Investigative Journalism and he claimed that whatever he had presented was reality, he said, adding that whatever apprehensions the Pakistanis had, were proven to be true. The US-Israel-India trio want to eliminate Pakistan through Talibanisation, and to darken our future, besides these countries, UK is also sitting on their haunches, he observed. He advised the government to act upon the policy of self-reliance, and should not ask for debts from the International Monetary Fund. He said that India was bent upon turning Pakistan into a desert, and the rulers must try to get back due water of its rivers. Secondly, the WikiLeaks have proved that the US do not like Pakistans nuclear programme. The cables are such an examination question paper, which has been 'leaked and now we should prepare ourselves accordingly, he added.