The investigation showed that accused Shaikh Muhammad Afzal, the director of the Haris Steel, with co-accused Muhammad Munir, Ali Ijaz, Abid Raza and Irfan Ali, in connivance with BoP ex-president Hamesh Khan, Haroon Aziz, Azizul Hameed, Muhammad Shoaib Qureshi, ex-general managers BoP Muhammad Adil Khan, Muhammad Nauman Arif and Muhammad Ziaul Haq, allegedly opened 23 fictitious accounts by their fake and forged national identity cards. They obtained loans of approximately Rs 9 billion from 2005 to 2007 with the help of fake documentation, bogus collaterals, fictitious guarantees and mortgage deals executed by fake persons. In this reference, NAB has accused Hamesh of misuse of power and sanctioning illegal loans of worth Rs 9 billion. While Seth Nisar had been accused of committing willful default of Rs 930 million which he borrowed from BoP.