ISLAMABAD - The unrest in Pakistans Balochistan province is promoting terrorism in Iranian Balochistan, a classified US Embassy cable sent to US State Department reveals. The cable dated June 12, 2009 was sent by Robert Garverick, Political Consular at US Embassy in Baku Azerbaijan, released by WikiLeaks on last Dec 3. Completely overlooking Indias involvement in Balochistans unrest in Pakistan, the cable cites unnamed sources to blame the 'anti-Sunni practices for increasing anger among Balochis. By completely skipping Indian role in Balochistans unrest, blaming Pakistan for 'influencing terrorism and Iranian President for his policies, the US Embassy has given a clean chit to India in this regard and has tried to establish that unrest in both these states is the outcome of their policies. The cable reads, Several Iranian contacts, including apolitical businessmen, have told Baku Iran watcher that the recent suicide bombing of a Shiite mosque, and subsequent attack on a campaign centre in Zahedan, reflect a surge in Balochi violence in the border area and inside Pakistan that has been building steadily over several years. According to one source, the Iranian security forces may be losing effective control over growing areas in the countryside. All noted that the rising violence in Iranian Balochistan is mirrored and influenced by similar events on the Pakistani side of the border (recently described in ref(a). The cable further states, (S) xxxxxxxxxxxx quoted the Ministry source as saying that in 2008 Iran asked Pakistan to establish a new, 'more secure and modern route, but that Pakistan has so far refused. The source added that Tehran is rife with rumours about the increasing lack of safety in Balochi areas, and claimed that many guard and police posts in Sistan-Balochistan areas are no longer occupied at night due to the increased danger of attack. About Ahmadinejad the cable says, (C) Another source, xxxxxxxxxxxx blamed the Ahmadinejad administration for pursuing provocative anti-Sunni practices (including harassment of Sunni clergy and congregations and raids on Sunni mosques) and other 'arrogant crackdowns over the last few years. He claimed that these practices, combined with high unemployment, perceived discrimination, and few government services, has increased anger among Balochis, and identification of the central government as an 'enemy. He cited the appointment of Ahmadinejads ally Habibullah Dehmordah as Governor of Sistan-Balochistan as a typical insensitive blunder, calling him a stupid, brutal, Sunni-hater.