The findings of the Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry that each day an industrial unit winds up its business in the city because of energy crisis, lax security and the widespread practice of extortion are a real eye opener for the nation about the curbs on our industrial growth. Given the pace with which industry is going down the dumps, one can well imagine, the consequences for Pakistans economic hub and ultimately for the country. The report reveals that the law enforcement agencies have been unable to control the menace of extortion due to pressure from political parties running the province. This begs the question: are certain political parties patronising crime? At the same time, what has considerably hurt the industrial sector is the spiraling prices of fuel and gas. It is a pity that a number of evils have zeroed in on the metropolitan city. Keeping in view the sorry state of affairs, goods produced by the industry no longer remain competitive. It is no wonder our industrys performance, especially in terms of making a niche for itself in international capital markets has not been quite successful. The leadership ought to think really deep about its collective failure to set things right in Pakistans main business and trade centre. Why have the forces responsible for the mess not been reined in. It is as if a cancer has afflicted of the city. There is no denying the warning of the report that the situation would get out of hand in case solid steps are not taken. Foreign investors are already scared at the prospect of stepping into the country. Most importantly, since the closure of factories has caused widespread unemployment, the social unrest is bound to increase lawlessness and crime, not to mention the impact it would have on an already volatile political situation. The PPP-led federal set-up holds power in the province but has failed to address the law and order situation. Will it wake up when it is too late?