LAHORE - Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry Saturday said let there be no illusion that democracy was restored through lawyers movement and not by people's vote. Addressing the lawyers at Aiwan-e-Adl after the inaugural ceremony of first website of Lahore Bar Association (LBA) on Saturday, Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that judges should provide on-merit relief to the masses. He further said that district and sessions judges as well as additional judges should minutely go through the cases so that justice could be provided to people at the earliest. He further said that all important cases should be decided efficiently and it is not fair to leave lacunas in cases that piled up the cases in higher courts. He emphasised on the good relations between the bar and the bench. Democracy in Pakistan was restored due to the lawyers movement. The CJ said that judges should award death sentence and life imprisonment on-merit and those who were not the main accused in murder and other important cases should be granted bails. The chief justice said that innocent people should be granted bails in cases and judges should not award death sentence instead of imprisonment. He said that decision had been taken to withdraw the cases and references filed against the lawyers during different incidents. The chief justice also asked the lawyers to accept the cheque of Rs 5 million issued them by the Lahore High Court office as compensation to the injured lawyers and destroyed fixtures of Aiwan-e-Adl during protests launched for the transfer of Sheikh Zawar Ahmad. Lahore Bar Association Secretary Qasim Hassan Bhuttar said that the LBA website would keep the lawyers and other people aware of the news, projects and achievements of the body. He condemned the elements that caused disrepute of lawyers so far in different incidents. Qasim Hassan Bhuttar said that impression should not be taken about the whole legal community of lawyers due to bad act of some of individuals. Call for ending corruption A lawyers panel has called for ending corruption in the appointment of court auctioneers, liquidators and legal advisers by following strict merit. Judicial Activism Penal with its Chairman Azhar Siddiqeu in the chair, Saturday studied many ways and means to end corruption in the legal fraternity and demanded the authorities to award the said assignments to the lawyers purely on merit. The meeting said like the judges, an academy should also be set up for the training of the lawyers and that a completely foolproof system should also put in place for judges at the higher and the lower level. The meeting paid glowing tribute to the newly appointed Chief Justice LHC, Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry also in the context of his stand and contribution to the lawyers movement for the restoration of judiciary. The meeting said soft spoken and upright Justice Chaudhry has always followed merit and law in deciding the cases. It expressed the hope that as CJ, he would even do better.