Nothing is making sense nowadays because of our leaders passion to make sense out of nonsense. Our government has decided to form board of governors of educational institutes. They have made it a habit to disturb the things which are going normal. Even people in street know that there is a dire need for upgrading decayed syllabus and to provide better education facilities which includes buildings, chairs, desks, black/white boards, and trained faculty. Instead of providing these facilities our policy makers are busy in formulating policies by which they can make a quick buck. This purposed system will not work. As more people will be involved, more complex will be the process of allocating funds and admission criteria. Seats will be sold and merit will once be disregarded. The need of the hour is to build schools and colleges in flood stricken districts and in areas where our army has expelled the terrorists so that they should once again start their studies and become valuable citizen of Pakistan. It is not the time to disturb already settled matters. M.AHSAN MUSHTAQ, December 11.