BERLIN/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The top commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan has requested more AWACS reconnaissance aircraft, an alliance official said on Saturday, although a likely demand for Germany to contribute will meet strong political opposition. NATO headquarters in Brussels said it was looking into the request from General David Petraeus. A letter was sent and its being evaluated as to whether it can be filled, an official said, declining to be named. I know its been an item of interest for some time, the official said. We do have AWACS in Afghanistan but we are looking for additional capability. The request would be submitted to the council of NATOs 28 member states before it could be passed on to a specific country. A spokesman for the German defence ministry said it had yet to see any official correspondence. However, German news weekly Der Spiegel reported that increased AWACS capability would require Berlin to send about 100 additional troops to Afghanistan. Germanys deployment in Afghanistan is already unpopular with public opinion, and sending the unit to Afghanistan would require a new parliamentary mandate and financing. The United States, which currently flies AWACS surveillance missions over Afghanistan using its own planes, overhauled its Afghan strategy last year, and a review ordered by President Barack Obama will be made public next week. It is unlikely to bring any major changes to operations on the ground, but it will set the scene for decisions about how quickly Washington will start bringing its troops home, which it has said it will begin to do in the middle of next year. U.S. and NATO forces expect to begin handing over security control to Afghan forces in July 2011 and to complete that process by the end of 2014 as governments in Europe and the United States look for an end to a long, expensive war.