LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said in the present situation, the Reformed General Sales Tax is not acceptable to us and Quaid PML-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has made it clear to the Federal Minister for Finance during a meeting. 26 educational institutions are not being privatised in the Punjab, but the only aim of giving these institutions autonomous status is to provide best educational facilities to the students. Baseless propaganda of increasing fees in these institutions is being made, he observed, adding that efforts would be made for joint ventures and investment in various sectors in Punjab in the Business Investment Conference to be held in Dubai. He was talking to media at the Lahore Airport prior to his departure for Dubai for participating in Pakistan Business and Investment Conference, here Saturday. Shahbaz Sharif said Pakistan Business and Investment Conference was being held in Dubai on December 13 jointly by the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade, and Dubai Chambers of Commerce in which delegates of more than 20 countries would participate. He said a delegation of Pakistani businessmen was accompanying him for participating in this conference. It will be our endeavour to hold dialogue in the conference for developing resources of Pakistan and Punjab and making investment in industry, agriculture, livestock, dairy farming, power generation and other sectors, he said. Regarding discussion about RGST during a meeting with Federal Minister for Finance, he said that we had told the Minister and his team that in the present circumstances, the RGST was not acceptable to us and we would oppose it. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has also made it clear to the Federal Minister that federal government, instead of putting further burden on the people, should review its economic policies and set up good governance, he quoted the PML-N Quaid. Replying to a question regarding autonomy of 26 educational institutions, the CM said the only aim of this step was to provide best educational facilities to the students and motivate the teachers to enhance educational standard. Neither fees are being increased in these institutions nor these are being privatised, he assured while asserting that how could a person like him, who was always endeavouring for the improvement of educational sector and providing quality education to young generation and was determined to achieve this goal at all cost, could think about the privatisation of these institutions or increasing their fees.