LAHORE For providing maximum security to mourners on the occasion of Youm-e-Ashura as per Blue Book of the federal government, the Punjab government has decided to obtain security-cum-clearance certificates from the inmates of the houses falling in the way of mourning processions across the Punjab. A common man would be kept 30 to 40 meters away from the mourning procession. Entrance to the mourners would be given from one side of the procession, said a senior bureaucrat who has attended meetings regarding security plans in this regard. After issuing certificates, inmates of the said houses would be responsible for the movement of any suspicious or miscreant within their house premises. He said keeping in view the previous attacks in Karachi, Lahore and Bakhar, this time the Punjab government was very much vigilant and was trying to provide maximum security to the mourners. He said the Shias were also cooperating with the Punjab government in this regard and they had given good number of volunteers to help the policemen and other security agencies to maintain law and order during Ashoor. Latest equipment like metal-detectors and walk-through gates would also be installed on the ways to the processions and no irrelevant person would be allowed to go near them. He said some differences also surfaced in Sargdodha, Bakhar and Lahore districts among different schools of thought but the chief minister himself and parliamentarians played important role in maintaining religious harmony. He said heavy contingent of police, Rangers, Pakistan Army, civil defense and volunteers would perform duties on the occasion.