The US embassy in Kabul said that the Taliban fighters deliberately target civilians in the conflict in Afghanistan. At a conference with civil society envoys, the US Ambassador in Kabul, Karl Eikenberry, said there are signs of progress in parts of human rights in Afghanistan. He also talked about a decrease in civilian deaths. "I know that much progress has been made if we look to one year, two years ago," Mr Eikenberry said. "We work tirelessly to work to reduce the pain and the suffering any civilian would have to suffer in combat operations and security operations here in your country. When we consider civilian casualties, we also have to look at the Taliban and insurgents. They are deliberately targeting civilians. The vast majority of civilian casualties that occur are occurring by the Taliban operations with the very important difference. The Taliban is doing it deliberately," he said. Mr Eikenberry sees Afghanistan constitution as one of the best constitutions in Middle and South Asia. He said it is the foundation that humanitarian rights of women and children's minorities are asserted. "We are fighting against a very immoral enemy who tries to strike and cause fear in the hearts of people and in their minds," he said.