LAHORE In order to make the criminal justice system responsive to the public needs as well as to attain the goal of speedy and equitable justice, it is inevitable that justice must be done within certain of time while meeting all corners of law. The National Judicial Policy initiated last year on a high note of addressing delay in the administration of justice appears still not to have achieved the desired results as at the public level grouses are widespread that justice is being delayed for various reasons whereof not only the victim families are suffering in terms of resources, time and energy but they are also exposed to threats in various dimensions. One such example is the well known and well published high-profile case of a Shah Alam market trader, Zahid Sheikh, on which the appeal is pending before the Lahore High Court after four accused were convicted to death on four counts on June 4, 2007 by the Anti-terrorism court. Zahid Sheikh on his way home from shop was kidnapped for ransom but hours after he was mercilessly killed on night of July 30, 2006. The family of the victim is facing serious threats from various corners after they were pressurized for a compromise, which they flatly refused braving threat of dire consequences. Without prejudice to the merit of case, it has been noted that traders community of the Shah Alam is worried and scared and is getting a sense of insecurity after inordinate delay in the decision on appeal against the conviction after they were moved in 2007 and still pending decision. This fact also runs contrary to the National Judicial Policy which has stipulated maximum six months time for deciding a criminal appeal. It is noteworthy that the convict made abortive attempts to escape from police custody. In one such attempt they tried to effect their escape by way of cutting iron body of the police van wherein they were brought to appear before the trial court. In the second, two of the convicts showing their appearance before the court in any other case in Model Town District Courts, tried to run away. One Wajid Ali managed to escape while the other Amir Butt caught on the spot by the police. Wajid was done to death in a police encounter last year when he was wanted by the police in about 200 cases. The victims family was earlier in police protection when they had brought the situation facing them into the notice of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the President in 2007. Now the security has been withdrawn and the members of the victim family are facing serious risk of life at the hands of rival party, said Hafiz Abid, the younger brother of the deceased who has appealed before LHC Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry to provide them security and order early decision on the case.