LAHORE - Wikileaks has exposed the reality of political and military leadership of Pakistan. Exposing the rulers before the masses, the revelations actually give us a lesson to elect honest and brave leadership and to make Pakistan economically self-sufficient in future. This was stated by speakers at a sitting on 'WikiLeaks reports held here on Saturday. Pakistan Institute of National Affairs (PINA) organised the event. PML-N MNA Khurram Dastgir Khan, former Ambassador Javed Hussain, Lieutenant General (Retd) Nishat Ahmad were the key speakers. Khurram said that from all the revelations the two were of main importance. 'What are the Arab rulers thinking about Iran and what will the future relations among the world powers, he elaborated. Italy wanted to build relations with Russia and the old friends were seeking for new ones, he added. He said 'we should not bother that the reports are Pakistan specific but these especially deals with the US-world relations. He termed the reports positive in the sense that these make us conscious for future. 'Nobody can make you fool without your own consent,he added. He said that a country would enjoy as much sovereignty as it would be economically strong. Former Ambassador Javed Hussain was of the view that the policy-makers needed to chart out long-term policies to attain regional, environmental and economical goals. He said that the US prepared policies according to its own interest while 'we should make our policies according to our need. Speakers were of the view that the internet revolution changed the world and nobody could live without sharing information. However, we should be conscious and keen to secure the future of the country, they added. They said that the reports would not only bring change in Pakistan but throughout the world. 'It exposed the US mindset and asked us to review our foreign policy. They suggested that the reports were challenge for our national security and asked us to elect representatives capable to secure national interest. Glancing through the leaked documents one must not got an impression as if these were Pakistan specific but in actuality made some mention of Pakistan and more were about the role of US-NATO in Afghanistan and Afghan security forces. It exposed war crimes of coalition troops against Afghans in great details, they said. However, we must bother about our own security and should prepare policies in the larger national interest, they stressed.