LAHORE - Lack of debate on adult health problems has been adding to youth’s woes like unpreparedness for physical and emotional changes and making them vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and life-threatening diseases, Jamia Naeemia Nazim Maulana Raghib Hussain Naeemi said on Tuesday.

“One of the main reasons for societal decay is that neither parents nor teachers guide growing up youth,” Maulana Naeemi said while talking to The Nation at the Jamia Naeemia. He called for providing adult education and highlighted the importance of awareness.

“During adolescence, human body undergoes physical and emotional developments due to hormonal changes,” he said, adding Islam stressed imparting this knowledge to children to ensure their safety and growth. “It is parent’s duty to prepare children for this phase and provide their support and guidance on various physical and sexual changes.” Naeemi also urged the social institutions, including family, school and peer groups, to play their part for the purpose.

                        –Staff Reporter