ISLAMABAD- Traffic problems have exacerbated in twin cities due to increase in number of vehicles and negligence of departments concerned in proper implementations of master plan.

Traffic problems in capital have worsened during recent years and departments concerned have been turning a deaf ear to calls of commuters for improving the situation. Many commuters from Rawalpindi, including government servants, working in Islamabad comes across traffic problems in morning, evening and while traveling between the twin cities. The Suzuki vans plying between Express highway, Blue area and Peshawar Morr create a traffic jams at Pindora Chongi as their drivers park the vehicles right in the middle of road to pick passengers. It is observed that motorists continue to drive without turning on headlights even after sunset and nobody checks or ticket them.

The number of road accidents has also increased in the twin cities because of over-speeding and reckless driving.

The commuters have demanded of authorities concerned to check these hazards to smoothen traffic flow and avoid accidents.